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Greater Realtors® Foundation

The Greater Realtors® Foundation improves lives by offering financial assistance and other support to those in need.

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The Greater Realtors® Foundation
Benevolent Fund

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the GRF Board of Directors voted to approve the Realtors® Helping Realtors® Benevolent Fund. The GRF has issued 17 checks in the amount of $6,631.60 to date

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When Realtors® Get involved in their Communities,

#Greater things happen!

The Greater Realtors® Foundation relies entirely on donations to exist and help members. The Greater Realtors® Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, so contributions from all sources are tax-deductible.
The Greater Realtors® Foundation, established in 2018, provides financial assistance through various grant programs for property disaster relief and disability-adaption projects to individuals, families, and non-profit agencies. Benevolent funding assistance is also available to help with various costs associated with extreme financial hardships, due to prolonged illness, a catastrophic event or accident, or similar occurrence beyond the control of the party receiving the assistance.

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Donation Levels

Community Partner

Requires a donation of: $10,000.00

Biggest name and logo with link through on website to your company website. Inclusion on Rack Cards both large and small, donation envelopes, and in any online marketing for the foundation. Press release highlighting your involvement with the Foundation. Speaking opportunities at Foundation events. 6 complimentary tickets to GMAR Gives Back event. 2 tickets to any GMAR networking event. Plaque and office presentation as well as a video for marketing purposes. Table donor signage at Foundation events.

Carol Boji


Requires a donation of: $5,000.00

Medium name and logo with link through on website to your company website. Press release highlighting your involvement with the Foundation. Plaque and office presentation. 4 complimentary tickets to GMAR Gives Back Event. Table donor signage at Foundation events.

Christopher Ayers
Nathan Boji
Kathleen Coon
Kevin & James Cristbrook
John Meesseman
Johnna & Bob Struck
Linnell & Associates


Requires a donation of: $2,500.00

Medium name and logo with link through on website to your company website. Press release highlighting your involvement with the foundation. Plaque. 2 complimentary tickets to GMAR Gives Back event. Table donor signage at Foundation events.

Dave Klaft
John McArdle
Julie Diaz
Teri Spiro

Greater Neighbor

Requires a donation of: $1,000.00

Small name with link through on website to your company website. Press release highlighting your involvement with the Foundation. Plaque and photo option.

Al Block
Andrea Esse
Brenda & Brendan Brosnan
Dmitry K/ Maureen Francis
Doug Whitehouse
Gary Reggish
Jason Heilig
Jeff Glover
Jimmy Stevens
John North
Mark Webberly
Mathew Baffo
Rebecca Williamson
Ron Jasgur
T Scott Galloway

Friends of the GRF

Requires a donation of: $500.00 - $999.00

Your Name on the website

The Faces Behind the Foundation

Meet the people who made this dream a reality

Ron Jasgur

"Being an inaugural Director of the Greater Realtors® Foundation allows me a meaningful way to give back to our local industry while making a significant impact in the lives of those in the communities we serve. I’m proud that future generations of local Realtors® will be able to take significant pride in the role the Foundation will play in local charitable causes for years to come."  

Shana Maitland
Vice President

"As a REALTOR® I not only believe in serving my clients but my community as well. Thus the reason why I am honored to sit on the board for the Greater Realtors® Foundation, and look forward to enriching the lives of my peers and the communities in which we live."

Lisa Blake

"I'm involved with GRF Board because being a member of the GMAR organization has profoundly impacted my life and I want to be a partner in making a difference for others."

Vickey Livernois
CEO & Secretary

"I'm excited to be involved in the Greater Realtors® Foundation because it gives us an opportunity to continue to give back and to build stronger and more vibrant communities. We are fortunate to have amazing volunteers who give of their time and talents to help create and fulfill the mission of the Foundation in years to come!"

Kathy Coon
Board of Directors

“Being a member of the Greater Realtors® Foundation is an honor. I have watched this foundation grow from an idea to a strongly supported community foundation which I have supported since its formation.Now, I look forward to being a board member to have an active role in its continued success.”

Melissa Degen
Board of Directors

“It is a privilege to sit on the board of the Greater Realtors® Foundation as it provides me with the chance to support the communities in which we live, work and serve. To be able to provide assistance to those in need and to help enrich the lives of others is a commitment to which I am fully dedicated”

T. Scott Galloway
Board of Directors

“I am involved in the Foundation because I believe we are called to give back to the communities we serve and to be each other’s keeper. Volunteering for the Greater Realtors® Foundation is a small way for me to express gratitude for the opportunities I have been blessed with in life and through my affiliation with GMAR.”

Karen Greenwood
Board of Directors

"I'm always amazed by the work Realtors® do in the communities they serve. The Greater Realtors® Foundation allows us to do more work collectively, I could not be more honored to serve on this board. I'm excited to see the great things this foundation will do in the future for the communities we serve."

Dean Johnson
Board of Directors

"Its a honor and privilege to serve on GMAR Foundation, improving lives by offering financial assistance to those in need. In giving we receive in so many ways. Its important to support GMAR Foundation by sharing time and our services helping others in despair. We should, we can and we will, make a difference."

Jane Lowell
Board of Directors

"I have always given back to my community. As a realtor®, it is even more important. Our community is our home, and I believe it is our duty to enhance it in every way possible; for me, it is to serve and give. I am honored to be a part of the Greater Realtors® Foundation."

Kevin Paton
Board of Directors

"I am proud to be a part of the Greater Realtors Foundation because every day we are out working as a group to make our communities a better place. We live, breathe and raise our families here. I am very happy to show that I care to make our neighborhood a better place for generations to come. Being a Realtor just allows me to be a bigger part of it and I wouldn't change it for the world."

Eligibility Requirements

Any present member who has maintained membership in good standing for at least 12 consecutive months preceding the application.
Please read the GRF - Grant and Benevolent Fund Guidelines.


Disbursement of Funds

The applicant will be notified by staff of decision.  If approved, checks will be sent to the vendors to whom the applicant owes money. No money is ever given directly to the applicant. If you have any questions, please contact Caryn MacDonald at (248) 478-1700 or email

Humble Design


As part of its commitment to philanthropy, GMAR partners with a local organization to support fundraising and events. This year, the Greater Metropolitan Association of Realtors ® has partnered with Humble Design.

"Humble Design's mission is to transform lives and communities by furnishing and fully decorating the homes of families, veterans, and other individuals emerging from homelessness. We provide a sense of stability and a foundation on the path to self-sufficiency. Humble has a deep legacy in metro Detroit, with over 1,400 homes furnished since 2009. This partnership with GMAR enhances and supports our mission on many levels and is vital in continuing our service. GMAR's commitment to Humble this year reflects an alliance of generosity, comfort and purpose in helping our clients in 2022 and beyond." - Chris Tull, Director of Humble Design Detroit

Humble Design is a Detroit-born nonprofit that helps families transitioning out of homeless shelters by providing furnishings and design services. The organization turns empty houses into clean, dignified, and welcoming homes — a very simple idea that can change a family's future. Founded in 2009, the organization primarily serves single parents with children and veterans. Humble Design has brought nobility to over 2,400 families nationally through its chapters in Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, San Diego and Seattle.


The Greater Realtors® Foundation offers a variety of methods to contribute and donate to our charities. Every penny counts! For direct donations, PayPal is the preferred method.

The History and Establishment of the Greater Realtors® Foundation

Hundreds of amazing feats start with an idea. The Greater Realtors® Foundation is one of them. The Foundation has a history...a seed planted that grew into a wonderful, functioning charity with the intent of helping Realtors® and their families that may be in need.